The Friends of Zion Museum director, Daniel Waitchak, and Adv. Nir Kimhi, the director and representative of the owners of Friends of Zion, presented the Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik with the Friends of Israel Award for his work for Israel.

Milorad Dodik is a genuine friend of the State of Israel, he has long shown his support for the Jewish state, promotes the condemnation of terrorist activity, and consistently condemns terrorist attacks against Israelis. In 2020, Dodik proposed moving the Bosnian embassy in Herzegovina to Jerusalem.

President Dodik toured the Friends of Israel Museum and the media complex and was very excited to receive the award. Dodik noted, „It is no secret that I feel great appreciation for the State of Israel, and I simply love the Jewish people, mainly due to the sense of historical partnership I had with the Jews during World War II. I am full of appreciation for the many achievements the State of Israel reached as well as the people who had a vision and understood that for the Jewish people to survive, they must have a state. „

Commenting on the award, Dodik said: „This award is a great honor for my people and me. The award gives me the strength to continue to work for Israel in the future and to create more cooperation between the two countries.“